Identify Plants and Animals

Ever wonder what that plant or animal is? Use the iNaturalist app to identify wildlife in your backyard and beyond!

Go on a WildQuest

Head out to Florida’s Wildlife Management Areas for an event May 1–9, 2021!

Earn Your Wings

Identify birds and butterflies you see to earn beautiful Wings Over Florida certificates.

Plant a Refuge for Wildlife

Want to attract butterflies and birds? Make your yard, neighborhood or even a balcony a refuge for both you and wildlife to enjoy.

Discover Wildlife

Wildlife is all around us, even in our own yards. Through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Nature Trackers website, you can learn how and where to identify and enjoy the plants and animals around you. You can also learn how to enrich habitat for wildlife around your home and neighborhood.

Once you start to learn about native plants and wildlife, you’ll be eager to see more. Completing a WildQuest on one of FWC’s wildlife management areas is a great way to go beyond your own yard. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of these conservation areas and the wildlife you’ll find there. Become a nature tracker and start on a journey that can lead to a lifetime of discovery and enjoyment!

Explore the Outdoors

Outdoor Skills

Learn how to hunt, fish and build your wildlife knowledge.

J.W. Corbett WMA

Birdwatching Basics

Birdwatching is easy and fun! Get started with these tips.


If you like hiking and scavenger hunts, you’ll love geocaching!

Citizen Science

Nature Education

The FWC offers various resources for educators and learners.

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