Identify Plants and Animals

Have you ever wondered about the name of that flower in your yard? Or what kind of bird just landed on your feeder? Florida Nature Trackers can help you discover and share your plant and wildlife sightings in your backyard or anywhere in Florida. Just snap a picture, upload, and your observation is entered! It will be verified and automatically added to an iNaturalist project.

Get started in your own backyard by watching iNaturalist’s video tutorials on how to make an observation. Then watch our video on setting up your own backyard project. When you’re ready, visit FWC’s Wildlife Management Areas and make observations that will help scientists learn more about the wildlife in our state.

A woman uses her smart phone to make an iNaturalist observation of butterwort flowers.

Nature Tracker iNaturalist Projects

Check out the projects below to see Florida iNaturalist observations organized by location and by plant or animal type.

See how many observations you can make on FWC’s Wildlife Management Areas and contribute to a better understanding of Florida’s natural heritage.