Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wildlife Management Area?

Wildlife Management Areas or WMAs are lands managed primarily for wildlife conservation and nature-based public use. The areas featured in Florida WildQuest are lead areas, which are primarily managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Other WMAs, called cooperative areas, are primarily managed by partner agencies or organizations.

Where can I go on a WildQuest?

You can participate on any of FWC’s 47 Lead Wildlife Management Areas.  The seven featured areas listed here have custom scavenger hunts; a universal version of the game is also available.

To find a Wildlife Management Area near you, look at the  complete list or our interactive map.  Look for the green dots for the lead WMAs.

What is GooseChase?

GooseChase is a fun and free scavenger hunt app for your mobile device. Download the GooseChase app at

How do I join a WildQuest?

Once you have the GooseChase app on your device, enter the game code for the Florida WildQuest scavenger hunt you want to join.

What is a mission?

A mission is the term used in GooseChase for the tasks to accomplish during the WildQuest scavenger hunt. Missions are completed in various ways including taking a photo, video, or checking in at a specific location.

Can I access the WildQuest games before or after May 1–9?

No, WildQuest games will only be available during the event timeframe. Can’t wait? Test out GooseChase with our practice scavenger hunt any time using the code ZDZK81.

Who can play?

Everyone can play!  Most games are geared for adults and older youth, however WildQuest Jr. is designed for those with younger children. 

What do I need to bring with me?

WMAs are rugged areas with relatively few developed amenities like restrooms or drinking water. Some areas may not have reliable cell service.

Be sure to bring sun protection, bug spray, a rec guide, and plenty of water with you.

What if I can’t upload my photos while on the WMA?

Since cell phone service can be unreliable on portions of some WMAs, you may not be able to upload using the GooseChase app. Take photos and videos using your regular phone camera app and upload them when you are back home.

Is Florida WildQuest free?

Florida WildQuest is free, however some Wildlife Management Areas require entrance fees ranging from $3 to $6. For more information, see the FWC fees page.

How can I win prizes?

Prizes will be awarded through a random drawing of participants who register with us and earn at least 2000 points during one of the scavenger hunts. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Prizes include binoculars, field guide packs and t-shirts.

You will also need to complete a short survey (the final mission in the WildQuest).

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