Where To Play WildQuest

Wherever you are in Florida, there’s a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) nearby! WildQuest takes place on the 47 lead areas of Florida’s extensive WMA system, which is overseen and managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The Master WildQuest scavenger hunt can be played on any lead area, and there are custom WildQuests available for seven featured WMAs.

For WMA recreation guides, trail maps and more, visit FWC’s Wildlife Viewing Publications page.

For directions, trail maps and information on fees, visit the “Planning Your Visit” section of each lead WMA webpage.

 Use the WMA Entrance Finder to find the WMA nearest you. The green dots will take you to lead area entrances.

A map showing the location of the seven wildlife management areas with custom goosechase quests

Play custom WildQuest scavenger hunts at these popular WMAs.

For accessibility information and to request accommodations, contact FloridaNatureTrackers@MyFWC.com.