WildQuest takes place May 1–9, 2021!

Can’t wait until May 1?

Get a headstart and familiarize yourself with the app. Try our mini-game to play in your backyard.
Just enter the code ZDZK81 in the GooseChase app to get started.

WildQuest Game Codes

To join a WildQuest game, you’ll need to enter a code into the GooseChase app.

To join the Master WildQuest, which can be played on any Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in the state, use code:


To join our WildQuest Jr. game, designed for families with young children, use code:


To join one of our custom WildQuests for seven featured WMAs, use the codes below:

A woman stands on a dock looking out across a lake with binoculars at beautiful Florida scene


Quest Code: JWKK4W

Cover picnic tables at a recreation areas on a picturesque cover

Big Bend–Tide Swamp

Quest Code: VJ33WM

Paddlers at Fisheating Creek

Fisheating Creek

Quest Code: M4MPBQ

A boardwalk crosses a marsh into a hammock

Guana River

Quest Code: KKQQML

A young girl in a bicycle helmet uses a pair of binoculars to scan the forest canopy

L. Kirk Edwards

Quest Code: QM55EK

Point-of-view photograph of a hiker on a boardwalk zig zags through a floodplain swamp


Quest Code: 7DQQBZ

The silhouette of cabbage palm tree stand before a beautiful sunset in the horizon


Quest Code: 5DRRZ6